New Britney Spears See Thru Shirt Nice Tits

Britney Spears was out on the town again the other night and she looks Wasted again…and this time she’s wearing a white shirt that is pretty much see thru when the flash goes off and we get a good view of her nipples and heaving hanging boobies making this a nice addition to Spears’ celebrity oops picture collection.

Britney Spears Shows Thong Again

Yet another Britney Spears Picture exposing her thong…hey at least she’s wearing panties this time ( i know lame joke) … a lot of information is coming out about Britney lately and how she’s a freak in bed and is really into getting her dyke on with other chicks…HOT, not sure what it is but something about her screams ‘ I love anal sex’… also what the fack is she wearing, she looks like a pimp…my god with her bank roll you think she’d hire some stylish assistant to dress her nice and fetch her drugs ect…

Britney Spears Rehab Again – Pussy Slip Revisted

So crack head Britney Spears has apparently checked herself into rehab again…so i figured it would be a good time to revisit a classic pussy slip picture of Britney taken in November ‘06 while she was in her ‘divorce celebration party phase’ with slutty Paris, its good to see this pic every few months just so we don’t forget how beat up and destroyed her ‘downstairs’ area really is..also below is a g-string / thong picture taken of britney at IHOP a few weeks ago..and to think a few years ago I thought she was hot….she seriously needs some help / rehab /diet /good music…ect, ect

Britney Spears See Through Shirt

Britney Spears is out of rehab and spilling shit all over herself…she actually looks pretty good in these pics…her pupils are a little dialated so she may be a tad high but hey who cares as long as she wears white shirts with no bra and lets those puppies hang loose. Her nip looks a little dark, maybe its from the pregnancy(s), regardless I’d still hit it, and I’m looking forward to some Spears Nip Slips and pussy slips real soon…its only a matter of time

Britney Spears Nip Slip

OK so it isn’t exactly a ‘nip slip’ per say since you can’t actually see her nip but i’m doin my best…as are the folks over at at getting that ever so elusive Britney Spears Nip Slip Picture. She sorta looks like a fucking clown in this picture, big fake teeth, red lips, big glasses, ugly wig, ripped orange wife beater with nip almost hanging out and the worst facking cowboy hat i’ve ever seen…I think she traded in e & coke for shrooms & lsd.

Britney Spears Topless

ok so we can’t see her nips and she looks like a fucking clown but hey she is topless…Britney took these pictures of herself the other day and sent them to the press supposedly…this girl is definately not right in the head but I’m not going to complain as long as she keeps doing stupid shit like this and showing her box ect…makes for good fun

Britney Spears Pokie Nipple

Britney is starting to look better I have to admit…BUT her nips are showing some wear & tear from the two kids she dropped out the last couple of years and here we see one of those beat up nips poking thru a sundress…HOT, she could cut steak with that thing